Urousha Jeetun: Words on Humanity

Updated: Mar 1

Meet the February 2018 EVMO Contest Winner: Urousha Jeetun!

Urousha Jeetun self-portrait photograph

To celebrate EVMO's 1st year, the team decided to launch a contest and give all our followers the same chance at winning our honorable mention.

As you may already know, EVMO is where a press-media meets a movement by the people and for the people. This means that EVMO is dedicated to highlighting its position as critical and authentic media.

However, it also welcomes the research and activism of its contributors. In this way, EVMO hopes that each seperate individual may inspire many more to make a positive change in this world.

Our strength derives from the bottom - up, meaning we hope to give a voice to the ones who are overlooked.

Students and the youth are often not given enough credit for their unique talents and sincere hearts.

Thus, unsurprisingly, we focus a lot on recruiting the works of these talented youngsters so that we all may take a break from the 'dull adult world' and have a look at the world through their eyes.

Urousha Jeetun, a young girl from the Republic of Mauritius stood out to us for her unique focus on #humanity.

Her instagram page is dedicated to quotes and short poems that reflect on the #nature of #mankind, proposing a #cosmopolitan perspective that inspires us all to be best version of ourselves.

Below, we have provided you with a selection of our favorite quotes by her. We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

For more of her quotes, you can support and follow her at:


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