To Omit a Thought - A Poem by: Alex Mantikos

Updated: Aug 15

By: Alex Mantikos

To go against a thought is to feed it.

To feed again a thought is to grow it.

To grow a bit a thought, is to live it.

A thought lived, is a concept fed. A concept lived, is a culture bred. A culture bred is the life one lives. The life one lives, is a life freely led. The leading of a life is commitment to belief. The belief you commit to is that that you feed. To go against a thought is to feed it. To omit a thought is to bleed it. Bleed it to death, and it dries out. Dry out a thought, and the concept is gone. A concept gone is a culture dead. A bad culture dead, is a life well led.

Alex Mantikos is an intellectual, poet, car enthusiast and entrepreneur. He took part in the IB programme in High School, and graduated with Honors in his BS degree in Business. His channel Hellenic Spot is gaining ground in the car showcase event industry. In fact, his inspiring & fun car events in Greece have resulted in a plenitude of attendees and have also prompted the idea to launch a merch line for Hellenic Spot. In the last few months, Alex has successfully launched the official merch line and it is available via his Instagram page. Alex is also currently employed as Energy Constructions Technician.

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