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HY-PO: An Intro

Welcome to EVMO's hybrid poetry project. We are dedicated to recruiting, mixing and mashing poetry in multiple languages.

WHY mix different languages in one poem? Some critics may screech "NAY!" and twitch their noses, possibly deeming it a 'grammatical macabre' or 'linguistic sabotage'.

However, here at EVMO, we invite you to view HY-PO as a by-product of the changing reality that surrounds us.

We invite you to view HY-PO as a collective effort geared at shedding light on the mechanisms and effects that globalization has had on mankind.

Some of these mechanisms and effects include: a growingly mixed global population that speaks more than one language and belongs to more than one culture.

It is for this reason that EVMO welcomes all individuals of all cultures - and encourages them to express their voices - in the most natural way possible.

Like in music and orchestra, individuals can come together to create a 'harmonic symphony' too.

As the Latins would say,

“Ex pluribus unum"

(Out of many, one).

Volume I, Issue I of HY-PO is readily available via instagram at: @evmonews

You may also preview one work, below.

Francesca Aka 'Jambo upendo wangu' (2015)

Francesca Aka 'Jambo' Eng. Translation (2015)

Let us know what you think. HY-PO is an open project. If you'd like to participate, contact us, don't be shy!


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