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Kids with Capes

The Indian poet, Drishti Bablani, once stated that: “Life is a Long Journey between Human Being and Being Human.”

Although at a first glance, the two statements may sound similar, “being human” is something entirely different compared to simply being  “a human being”.

The ending part of the quote entails that life’s long journey is supposed to bring all people to evolve in some type of way, for being is a gerund verb indicating constant progression.

Therefore, it is understood that in order to be human one must progress.

Then, to be human is to be both “ordinary” and yet add a lot of “extra” to that ordinary at the same time.

Said in more simple terms, being human  is also to say “not all heroes wear capes”.

It is to say, that to be human one must be “extraordinary” in their humanity.

This is why this column is dedicated to sharing stories about our fellow humans who did and are doing everything in their lives in order to make both themselves and humanity evolve towards more positive horizons.

This column is dedicated to our fellow humans who believe in the positive progress of the Self and in the positive progress of man-kind.


This column is dedicated to our “everyday heroes”.

To read Vol. 1; Issue 1 in English, click link above. For italian, download PDF

Per scaricare PDF in italiano, cliccare simbolo seguente di Acrobat reader 


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