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Hi, I'm Megan, the CEO of EVMO!


  • Politics, Marketing & AI expert.

  • Summa cum laude IR graduate.

  • In 2017 I founded EVMO - to bring truth and facts back to the news media reality.


EVMO's goal is to challenge 'mainstream narratives' with critical thinking power.


Our purpose is to spread  authentic fact based news  - by the people & for the people. We're news that evolves you!

Our Founder

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Our dream is to give our readers the tools to shape the next generation of critical thinkeres.

We do this by nurturing you with factual news in tech, the economy, mindset and so much more. 

EVMO is more than news. EVMO is a a HOME where your independent critical thinking is encouraged to grow.

EVMO's Mission:

Global Connections


Coscienza Verde: (Green Consciousness)

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Meet our friends: Green Consciousness - a non-profit organization located in Perugia, Umbria. They deal with matters involving reciprocity, peace, nonviolence, intercultural dialogue, gender equality and environmental issues. When you are in Italy, be sure to contact them so they can fill you in on their fun activities.

Istituto Tedesco di Perugia (German Institute)

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Meet our friends: the German Institute of Perugia - a non-profit cultural association, founded in 1993.

It collaborates with the international Goethe-Institut and carries out many activities ranging from the organization of cultural events, projects with schools to the organization of language courses of all levels.

cross culture therapy phillip andersson.

Cross Culture Therapy

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Meet our friends: Cross Culture Therapy (recently rebranded: Wherapy). It was founded by Philip Andersson with the mission to offer

1-1 therapy for people including Third Culture Kids. Wherapy uses cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy in their treatment. You can get in touch with them via the fb link above.

bizladies smaller logo.jpg

The Biz Ladies

  • Facebook Social Icon

Meet our friends: The Biz Ladies, founded by Violeta Semenova. The Biz Ladies is a platform that empowers female entrepreneurs by highlighting their venture stories.

You can click their logo to view their featured story about EVMO News and follow them through their facebook link above. They are open to hearing about your female entrepreneurship journey.

Business Conference





carpe global logo BIGGER 1.png

Carpe Global

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Meet our friends: Carpe Global helps people "seize global" by informing them of wordly things relevant to their personal, professional and academic life. Carpe curates & shares international resources & opportunities to empower people with global interests.

she wins mastermind logo white bg 1.jpg

She Wins Mastermind

  • Facebook

Meet our friends: She Wins Mastermind.

A wonderful platform founded by Fathiya Fousseni.

She Wins Mastermind is a global community for female entrepreneurs with the mission to encourage and empower you to start your own online business.

Fathiya's featured story is coming soon. In the meantime, explore their site for inspiration!

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