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Hello, buongiorno, γεια σας!


Thanks for making it this far on my page; let's go farther together.


I'm Coach Megan, the founder & CEO of EVMO News, EVMO Fashion, EVMO Education and Mega Wins Marketing.


My whyfor is helping coaches attract PREMIUM clients so they can get paid their worth and work from an energy of EXCITEMENT.


I specialise in achieving this by teaching my clients AI enhanced business tools, mindset coaching, and strategic content marketing.


Your next $10k client is around the corner, on the other side of your obstacles.

Coach Megan's Methodologies


What Obstacles Can I Help You Overcome?

How Can I Help You?

✅️ I'll help you optimise your business systems & integrate them with AI in an ethical, humanised, and personalised way.


✅️ I'll help you monetise your social media by creating an authentic and intentional social media content strategy that attracts premium clients and repels the wrong ones.


✅️ I'll help you get crystal clear on your offer or product idea and walk you from the ideation stage to the launch and monetisation stages.



→ All of this is easy.



✅️ Invest your time with me and be willing to target your obstacles with me.


✅️ Be willing to customise a correction strategy for your business and do the work to implement correction.


✅️ Execute an actionable and easy way to keep your clients nurtured, happy and eager to refer you to everyone they know.

My Background & Certifications:

Studies & Experience:

• Growing up in 4 countries - in the Eastern and Western worlds - molded both my personality and career interests.


• Different languages, cultures and points of view are first nature to me.


• They allowed me to develop both team-player qualities and leadership skills alike into my work personality.


• I speak English, Italian, French, modern Greek, and Russian.


• My studies in Global Politics, Economy, Marketing, and AI enable me to serve my clients with a holistic, ethical, and strategic approach to business success.

→ Fun facts: I've gotten consistent straight A's from elementary school all the way through postgraduate. Barack Obama certified me in 2011.


→ The world is made a better place one action and one conversation at a time.


Let's have a conversation.


Book a premium power hour and let's overcome your business obstacles together 📞


Let’s Work Together

Megan Sanchez

Perugia, Italy

Tel: Unlocked With Booking

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