Hasnaa Yadallee: Poetry & Photography

Meet Hasnaa Yadallee - the 17 year old talent from the Republic of Mauritius.

Hasnaa Yadallee self-portrait photograph

“The hand is the most frequently symbolized part of the human body. It gives blessing, it is expressive. According to Aristotle, the hand is the 'tool of tools.' It is strength, power, protection, generosity, hospitality and stability..."

- Alison Protas et alia

Hasnaa Yadallee is an aspiring poet and photographer in the making. Hasnaa's passion for reading, literature, and symbolic representations in photography began around the age of 15. Two years later, at only 17 years of age, she arealdy composes poetry in both the French and English language.


Hasnaa resides in the Republic of Mauritius - where she grew up speaking French, Mauritian Creole, English and is now learning Arabic.

On this dream-like island, her imagination and observation of life intersected, floroushing a unique perspective expressed in words and in images. Below, are a few of her selected poems and hand-art followed by reflective commentaries.

Hasnaa's Selected Poems

What gives this piece particular momentum is Hasnaa's choice of defining a moment of 'silence' as 'deafening,'as seeing an instance of 'darkness' as 'blinding' or as describing a substance, such as 'poison,' as one being 'sweet'.

It is a clear definition through contrast and opposition which transcends the realm of the rational, and can be understood only by entering the realm of the senses.

Within that realm, one experiences the power and "toxicity of love." Here, she helps us understand something important about the 'unity' of positive and negative.

She sheds light on how: "everything that can repair, can also destroy; every strength can be a weakness; every perfection can be a flaw; every formation can be a deformation."

One can only deduce and wonder that maybe we are indeed so, as she describes, because we will always be #perfectlyimperfect . We are only #human.

Hasnaa's French Poetry

Translating this into English would take away the musicality of the rhyme scheme that Hasnaa decided to apply.

The ABCB-AABB rhyme, seen in the verses above, gives readers "a breath of fresh air," since the poem alternates between rhyme - no rhyme lines and verses.

The poem depicts an overall ambiance of sadness and 'obscure days' - but there is a reason for this sadness - the protagonist is in a metaphorical 'war'...... (against herself).

For more on Hasnaa check out our Instagram post at: @evmonews

You may find her and follow her on Instagram at: @hasnaa_y

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