Sarah Janabi: The Multi-talented poet

EVMO News is pleased to introduce you to the multi-talented Sarah Janabi.

Sarah Janabi, 19.

Sarah Janabi is only 19 years old, but already holds the grace and maturity of a young lady. She is an inspirational and multi-talented individual, of Iraqi-Palestinian origin, residing in the Republic of Mauritius.

On such a small island, Sarah has already achieved so much - producing poetry for over 2 years and composing music, singing and dancing for most of her life. EVMO News has decided to introduce you to her both for her role-model qualities and for her writing skills alike. Below, is a selection of Sarah's best poetry, from her instagram account: @immortal.thought.

Sarah's Political Poetry: War theme

Reflections on color and identity:

Writing as a means to:

In this last poem, writing is portrayed in a holistic way - as a medium permitting one to both feel and stop feeling. The contrast between the binary pairs of 'opposites' she uses enchants readers in such a way where they can feel the art of writing in all of its extremes.

During her interview, Sarah made it very clear that she sees a future where her passion for writing keeps on floroushing. She plans on studying creative and professional writing, making it impossible for her to become 'nothing more than words'.

If you are curious about her music, which is equally fantastic, have a look at her instagram account dedicated to music: @sarah_janabi

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