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EVMO News Presents at German Institute

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Istituto Tedesco Perugia x EVMO News ©

On June 20, 2018 a very special milestone took place for EVMO News. The opportunity to present our vision, mission and hybrid poetry project was accepted by one of the most influential and unique cultural associations of Umbria - the German Institute of Perugia.

The German Institute was founded in 1993 in Perugia with the mission to become the bridge between the German and Italian cultures. The organization specializes in promoting educational and cultural activities that may foster a harmonious relationship among peoples.

EVMO News, similarly, was founded in 2017 with the mission to promote higher consciousness and to unite humanity by specializing in recruiting and sharing: poetry, art, music and academic articles.

With 'Multikulti' (Multicultual activities) on the rise within the German community, EVMO News' HY-PO (hybrid poetry project) was accepted with open arms, which led to an interactive dialogue among attendees last night.

Below, is a visual review of last night's special moments. A deep thank you to the German Institute of Perugia, to its director, Claudia Schlicht for having us and to Martina for sharing her views on culture, language and identity with us on the presentation evening. EVMO News will always remain thankful and in touch for future events or collaborations.

Megan and Martina introduce Istituto Tedesco di Perugia and EVMO News

Martina and Megan initiate discussions

HY-PO (Hybrid Poetry)

Istituto Tedesco Perugia ©

If you are a German and Italian speaker and would like to compose a poem in German-Italian, contact us and Istituto Tedesco di Perugia. You may get in touch with us below or through our 'about' section through links. Danke schön!

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Unknown member
Aug 02, 2018

Fascinating idea using more than one language to compose poetry. The musicality of different voices may create a lovely symphony.

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