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EVMO News-Mega Wins Terms & Conditions

EVMO News: Shipping, Fees & Return Policies

Dear customer, firstly, thank you for choosing us! Here is all you need to know about our shipping rates, transaction fees and our shippers and suppliers. Scroll down for our refund/return policy. When you make a purchase, you AGREE to all these conditions:

What are our average shipping rates to U.S customers?


We charge a standard flat rate to all customers in order to serve customer satisfaction. The U.S standard flat rate is €5.00 plus €1.00 of handling. We keep our shipping rates within the avergage range of our times.  


What are our average shipping rates to EU customers?


We charge a standard flat rate to all customers in order to serve customer satisfaction. The E.U standard flat rate is €5.00 plus €1.00 of handling. We keep our shipping rates within the avergage range of our times.  

International Transaction Fees Information


Please note that EVMO News does not charge additional transaction fees to our customers. However, our dropshippers may on occasion charge an additional international transaction fee. When and if a customer is charged, the fee goes directly to the suppliers and we do not profit from this transaction. 

  • If you are charged this fee, it will most likely be labeled as "international transaction fee" in your banking movements.

  • If our suppliers charge you this fee, it will probably not exceed $4-5 USD if you are ordering from the US.   

  • If you are charged this fee in the US, you probably ordered one of the following product categories from us:

  • Cups/Mugs, posters, or Tote Bags.

  • These product categories are EU/Globally produced and EU/Global suppliers may charge this fee as shipping prices are volatile due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • COVID-19 has caused very volatile shipping rates due to transport and travel shortage/limitations.

  • Please note that EVMO News is doing its best at keeping its shipping rates FLAT & FAIR for all customers. We will never charge you an extra international transaction fee. 

  • We humbly ask to be understanding of our shippers & suppliers as their cost/rates are changing and are volatile during this COVID-19 period.

  • We advise you to subscribe to our offers so you can get continuous discounts on your purchases.

  • If you personally know Megan, the CEO, contact her for any shipping or discount related info. 

Our User & Client Behavior Rules:

We reserve the right to demand that our clients behave towards us in a transparent, respectful and professional manner. If for any reason we suspect a client of fraudulent behavior or believe that the behavior of our client is out of line with standard business professional standards, then we reserve all rights to arrest their account, suspend or delete their account. We also reserve full authority to remove any articles (paid or unpaid) of featured clients should we deem that our client is no longer fit to be featured on the EVMO News community. We take our community seriously and do not stand with bullying, we are anti-fraud, and we also believe in paid labor. If our client has violated any of these terms, or has violated any additional behavioral terms that have to do with incorrect professional behavior, the clients' account and articles will be removed with NO notice to the user. We reserve the full right at keeping our community safe from maliscious users at all times.

What is our PHYSICAL PRODUCT Return/Refund Policy?


We are a company that operates AGAINST waste and we adopt a dropshipping model that permits us to print items UPON SINGLE order of the customer. 


Q: What does this mean?


A: It means that in order for us to supply you with an ECO, ethically made product that doesn't waste, we must pay our suppliers UPON YOUR ORDER and they start WORKING.


A: Once they make your product, we cannot go back to them and ask them to sacrifice the money they made in labor in order to print and manufacture your single order. 

Q: What does this mean for you

A: For you, as our customer who values eco and ethically made fashion, it means you are a RESPONSIBLE buyer who accurately knows his/her/their size PRIOR to ordering. You buy responsibly so there is no need to request a refund because you purchased exactly what you wanted.

Q: What does this translate into?

If you would rather buy ethically and eco to support our planet, it means you understand our refund/return policy which does not allow us to refund nor accept any returns since we firmly stand with our moral mission to: lower carbon/gas emission (shipping), and to treat our workers and products with care, respect and paid labor.  

Q: What if I do not know my size?

A: We have a chat that works 24/7 on our website. You can always be advised which correct size to order. Please do not hesitate or be shy. You will get what you want. Just talk to us.

Q: What if my item looks nothing like what I ordered?

A: Rest assured this never happens. The only rare instance we will refund is IF the supplier has totally and completely messed up the design of your product. We operate with serious suppliers, this never happens. So you can breathe easy and let us do the work for you.

We are an ethically and sustainably made brand born with the sole purpose of empowering all individuals and our planet. We stand for moral justice, promote equality and an eco-sustainable planet where all can thrive. We believe we can make the world a better place and that you want to be a part of this amazing journey with us.

What is our SERVICES Return & Refund Policy?

A: We strictly do not refund courses, e-books nor any other form of digital product we offer. We operate under the assumption that you are a responsible buyer that carefully reads terms & conditions and takes full responsibility for your purchasing decisions.

In order to protect ourselves from "free riders" who are known to purchase and then ask for refunds in order to enjoy free goodies at the exploitation of our labor, we deem it necessary to protect ourselves against such irresponsible buyers and to reserve the right to get paid for our service exchange and for our labor.

In the rare instance should you be dissatisfied with your service order or should you fail to receive it by any automated marketing glitch unbeknownst to us, we urge you to resolve the matter privately by emailing us for support at: or via the contact box on our official website at:

Terms & Conditions of our Courses:

Q: How do we handle the responsibility of information or hypothetical unbeknownst misinformation in our courses or e-books?



  • While you should NOT take our courses as a substitute for proper law training NOR should they be considered as such, it is vital that you understand the fundamentals of copyright law concerning AI generated materials and also general business law.


  • Coach Megan Sanchez is NOT responsible for your personal failure to do your own personal research regarding updated, regional, international and also domestic copyright law concerning AI generated materials.

  • She is also NOT responsible for your failure to legitimise your business. And, by agreeing to these terms and conditions upon your purchase of any course or e-book on the EVMO News or on the Mega Wins websites, you have activated your consent to all these terms & conditions outlined here.


  • The EVMO News-Mega Wins courses are meant to be a small bite size summary of what is known about generic law, and the course material may or may not be regularly updated to reflect recent changes in law regarding business or AI.


  • Therefore, you alone are held responsible for doing additional research pertaining both to your own domestic law in addition to International Law and EU Laws that will differ in details, scope and regulations.


  • Coach Megan Sanchez is NOT responsible for changes in US Law, EU Law, or International Law concerning AI regulation and AI copyrighted materials law and she is NOT responsible for your failure to research and understand business law.


  • Coach Megan Sanchez is NOT held responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information in regards to AI and copyright law presented in the Ethical AI Workshop.


  • The sources and materials cited in the Ethical AI Workshop have NOT been fact-checked and it is the student's responsibility alone to fact-check information and to do further research on the topic.


  • Coach Megan Sanchez is NOT responsible if websites, data hubs or other authors sourced from the internet have presented misleading or otherwise inaccurate information.


  • All information in the Ethical AI Workshop is link-sourced, allowing users to determine the accuracy of the sources and to independently conduct their own personal research, enriching themselves in the constant updates regarding AI regulation and copyright law.


  • At the time when you study the Ethical AI Workshop, the information presented there may or may not be outdated and that course may or may not update the given information.


  • It is YOUR sole responsibility to keep yourself updated with AI regulation and laws.


  • The participants of the Ethical AI Workshop have already consented to these terms and conditions upon checkout completion by ticking the agree to terms and conditions box.

By purchasing any EVMO News-Mega Wins course or workshop and by completing the checkout process, you actively consent to all the written agreements outlined in these terms and conditions thereof.

Our Right to Arrest Accounts or Remove Articles:

We reserve the sole right to delete user accounts or remove articles published on our site to our own disgretion, without any notification to the user. If we feel the user has violated our terms and conditions or if the user has conducted behavior that violates trust and respect of our business, we reserve the right to delete, arrest the user account without any notification. This is our legal right and we declare that we are operating under the sovereignty of EVMO News' and humanity's best interests by arresting our relations with any individuals that behave irregularly with EVMO News, with our founder and CEO Megan Sanchez and/or with the EVMO News community.

Our Policy for Our Online Programs:

We do not under any circumstance refund any kind of program or online course, webinar or digital product that we offer. We also do not accept returns of our digital products or courses. All results are solely the responsibility of our clients and students and we do not take responsibility for any failure on the students' part to implement strategies, do further research and homework. We believe success depends on a multitude of things such as: present scale of a client's business, the economic environment, the willingness to learn of the client and also their own ability to go beyond what we teach in order for them to get results. For these reasons, we believe each individual student must take their own accountability and do their own work to get their own results. We are not responsible.

Refund Policy of Our Product Store:

As aforementioned, we operate under an eco friendly print on demand model. This means our workers are paid when you make a purchase and forward an order. It would be unethical of us to take back the money that workers deserve for their labor. What we ask our clients is to be responsible with what they purchase. You have a chat available 24/7 should you need help ordering the correct size for your clothing. We believe there are no excuses for requesting a refund since our workers are inspectioned and are regularly and rigourously checked for correct manufacturing. The only cases we will consider are lost packages that our manufacturers must confirm as not received by the recipient. The only second case we will consider is if an item has been misprinted or miss-sized. In such cases we will negotiate with our manufacturers to correct your order out of their own responsibility to correct their error.



  • We hand craft our products and then digitalise them

  • Our entire brand has been built from head-to-toe by our founder: Megan Sanchez

  • We are a female-made brand 

  • Our goal with our brand is to promote DIVERSITY, INCLUSION and ECO SUSTAINABILITY

  • Our goal is for our EVMO Fashion to inspire a POSITIVE MINDSET transformation

  • While being eco conscious and aware

  • To respect our workers and respect paid labor 



At the time being, we are not monetising the EVMO News project, although these are the terms and conditions for the project.

If policies change, our subscribers and clientele waitlist will be notified of such changes.


EVMO News shares positive & authentic news to help you be your best self and live your best life.

The Mega Wins Academy is a sister brand to both EVMO News and EVMO Fashion and was created by Megan Sanchez as an effort to help people thrive with the power of positive business and marketing and AI education.



Join our squad for free here: 




Contacting Us:


If you have any more inquiries, you may contact us using the contact box below



Last Edited on 2023-08-16

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