Have you ever wondered what the real secret to making online sales is?


Are you a struggling entrepreneur with a great product or service but no one is buying it? 


Fear not. Luckily, Megan Sanchez, CEO of EVMO News & EVMO Fashion and Business Coach at Mega Wins With Megan, has you covered.


Inside the Facebook Ads Wiz, you will go from advertising newbie with 0 sales, to a rockstar sales wizard with a flaming hot line of clients and fans!


What's inside the e-book?


Ch. 1: Advertising Tactics for FB - P.5

Ch. 2: Ad-set settings set up - P.10

Ch. 3: Ad analysis & analytics - P.19

Ch. 4: "Horizontal scaling" - P.25

Ch. 5: "Vertical scaling" - P.34

Conclusive Remarks - P.36

Let's Celebrate! - P. 36-50


Originally valued at €475 because you would be learning the same stuff in a semester's worth of knowledge at any other university. So, really, what's your excuse for not copping a €20.99 offer? We'll let you think about that...



+ NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS. NO RESELLING & NO PLAGIARIZINGHard work deserves to be paid and you can cite Megan on that when you make your first sale. 


MWWM - FB Ads Wiz

€475.00 Regular Price
€20.99Sale Price
  • Format: PDF


    Q: Is this e-book refundable?

    A:  NO

    Q: Is this e-book resharable to others who don't purchase?

    A: NO, this e-book is not resharable to anyone. This includes friends, family, and anyone you may know.

    Q: Is it ok to copy & paste some info of this e-book into your own e-book to resell?

    A: NO. This e-book is protected by copyright and any plagiarism, resharing, or damaging of this intellectual property will result in legal action. (I.e, lawsuit).

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