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2X the value of your brand and learn from Megan Sanchez - CEO of EVMO News & EVMO Fashion.


"After having failed 1 million times, and after having misunderstood the important art of tapping into the subconscious mind of your customer, I dove head in to learn all techniques of storytelling and beyond so that my brand would never be forgotten again."


"After implementing 'Emotional Branding' Strategies, my customers' loyalty and repurchases have increased by +52% and EVMO overall has received +42% more reviews compared to the previous year." - Megan Sanchez, CEO of EVMO News & EVMO Fashion


What to Expect in the E-Course (49.99):


- 40 Minute Replayble class session 

- Written vs. Visual Emotional Branding

- Case Studies

- Implementation Examples

- Homework


+ For ​FREE: The Instagram Growth Bible (€60 value)


- Why It's Important to Play the Social Media Game 

- Benefits of Growing Your Instagram 

- Influencer Income 

- Growth Strategies

- Brand Essence: Elements

- Hashtag Tools

- My Failures & Lessons Learned

- Apps Suggestions

- How to Level Up Your Graphics Game

- Instagram Do's & Don'ts

- The Truth About Supercharging

- Instagram & FB Advertising


... and + the FREE early bird Xmas Social Media List (€10 value)


- Good vs. Bad websites,apps & tools to use


Grand Total Cost: 

(€119.99) total original value, yours today for ONLY €49.99


*Deal expires: in 10 days on September 11, 2021 worldwide.


** No refunds, no returns on digital e-courses.

MWWM - Emotional Branding Course

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