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EVMO Fashion Press Release

Updated: Jan 11


Think of EVMO News as a body and EVMO Fashion as one of its legs.

If a body runs a marathon, it will need legs to get to the finish line.

Our finish line is to make the world a better place by spreading positivity worldwide.

We do that through spreading real factual news, and now we are doing it by offering merchandise dedicated to making humanity human again.

This means making sure you feel comfortable, appreciated and recognised in our streetwear - as a beloved member of our human family.

The EVMO Shop is launching on 02.02.2020 which is a palindrome date – you read it the same backwards and forwards.

For us, this date is a numeric representation of infinite possibilities and oneness.

There is no other date that could have symbolised these important aspects in line with our mission.

We hope you are as excited as we are about checking out our line on such a cool day!


The EVMO Shop is a small business created, managed, and designed by the CEO of EVMO News, Megan Sanchez.

100% of your proceeds go to sustain the small business that Megan started with the mission to make people happy and comfy through high quality streetwear.

Megan was raised internationally and this is where her love for humanity as one comes from.

By supporting EVMO Fashion, you support the idea that we are all here on this earth together, we are all brothers and sisters striving to make this world a better place.

EVMO is doing its best to do that one hoodie, and one sneaker at a time!


Upon launching our pop-up shops, our merchandise will be available only for a limited time and will not return again until further notice.

This means all our products are exclusive and available in limited numbers.

The entire line is custom designed by our founder, Megan Sanchez, and is inclusive of a couple of single-piece products where only one lucky customer will have the chance to get.

Line up now to get special offers by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where we will announce the first offers to our followers.

No matter what anyone tells you, always remember:

We're all one peoples. We're all EVMOers.

For a sneak peek at our collection click here or proceed to SHOP NOW

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