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Third culture individual (TCI) or Third culture kid (TCK) are acronyms used to refer to individuals or children who have been raised in a culture/s foreign to the native one of their parents. The first culture is the culture of the country from which the parents originated, the second culture is the culture of the host country, and the third culture refers to the fusion of these two cultures, thereby creating a third. 

Globalization is seeing the rise of Third Culturalism and multiculturalism. Soon, it will be a 'standard' phenomenon. 

Why should you care? 

WHat is a TCI (TCK)?

Global Nomad Projects:
3rd culture:
80 waves

Project 3rd Culture: 80 waves is dedicated to bringing Third Culture Women (3CW) and Third Culture Men (3CM) under one roof.  Join us in this project to spread its awareness. Start by discussing it together in our forum.

TCK Articles & Books

Old Globe


How TCKs can positively embrace change and live their best lives.

Ancient Ruins


An academic study analyzing international kids in a globalized Italy and the effects on their identity and language.

Latest TCK News:

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