Dear Angels, Fairies and Elves,


On this Merry Christmas, you have been given an extra special present from Mrs. Megan Claus (founder/CEO of EVMO News & EVMO Fashion)!


What You Get in the Xmas IG Growth Bundle:


  • 90 pages of social media strategies for growth 
  • a whole -47% offer for the Xmas holidays 
  • advice from the CEO herself on how to build & grow your brand 
  • a whole Brand Essence mini course
  • an entire Color Psychology mini course
  • a crackdown of Hashtag Laws
  • a guide to Successful Advertising
  • an explanation of the Art of Supercharging
  • How to optimize your Bio for Conversions
  • How to build your Brand Identity
  • Endless Growth Strategies: Paid vs. Organic




  • the 'nice' list of social media DO's
  • the 'naughty' list of social media DON'Ts
  • the 'Get Rich Wishlist' that explains what needs to be done PRONTO to get e-money rich 
  • Endless Xmas quotes & motivational quotes for a jolly holiday spirit
  •  Fabulous Graphics that will inspire you to create your best products & services
  • Knowledge of basic UX/UI Design to prepare you for building a brand fully optimized for excellent User Experience and User Interface (your users will become raging fans!)

IG Growth Xmas Bundle

€64.99 Regular Price
€34.00Sale Price
  • These documents are protected by copyright and are not authorized for resharing, copying nor reselling. Any violation of these terms will result in legal action. Additionally, these documents are non refundable and non returnable. They will provide value to those who put the work & effort in. If you are not willing to work to grow your brand, please do not purchase these items.

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