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The Social Media Project

Updated: May 7, 2018

By: Kennedi White

In order to view socio-political and cultural phenomena from new perspectives, author Kennedi White is engaging in an innovative project with EVMO News.

She has decided to analyze the phenomenon of "social media" from a myriad of mediums. Her project begins with poetic reflections, showing how the 'effects of social media' can be expressed through sentiments in poetry.

Her project will continue in article format, in order to see 'social media' from a more academic perspective.

From poetry, to a more academic approach, this project will possibly conclude in podcast format, giving a last innovative taste to her research. Below, you can read her pt. 1 of the project, entitled:

"Sanitized Authenticity"

by: Kennedi white

'Sanitized Authenticity' by Kennedi White © 2018

Kennedi White is an alumna of the American University in Washington, DC, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Finance. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree at SDA Bocconi, soon to graduate.

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