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Mega Wins With Megan - Master Class

Emotional Branding

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Megan Sanchez

Founder/CEO of EVMO News 

Designer of EVMO Fashion 

Marketer, Biz Coach, Instagram Mentor

Hey, boss human!

If you thought you were going to get a super long salesy funnel

with a long tear jerking story about emotional branding....

I'm sorry to for the surprise - but -


That is so 1970s 😁. 


It's 2021 and there are literally robots doing backflips.

So why should we be implementing stone-age strategies

to grow your business? YIKES!

21st AI Robots be like:....

robot backflip.gif

All image rights go to Boston Dynamics & Gyfcat ©

So.... NO.

I won't be giving you a China Wall Long funnel pitching why you need this emotional branding course (nor robots) in your life.


I'm going to, instead, tell you how I KNOW how irritated you

are with the past 2-3 years


We've faced a global pandemic that literally wiped out 

a titanic portion of our population. 

We've lost family and friends 

Many people are unemployed, stressed, & depressed. 


Why sugar-coat it?

We need to do what we need to do to survive

in these challenging times.

And I'm here doing my part

Every day I get up and do my part by providing people like you

VALUE through e-learning in the Mega Wins Masterclasses.

Are you going to do your part to react to the 

darkness surrounding you?

I bet that if you watch this class I recorded for you, you will 

at LEAST 2x the value of your branding.

And this in turn will translate into more loyal customers,

more abundance and more freedom.

I'm not going to drop any testimonials yet, you can check those

out at the bottom of the page. Let's get straight to the point so

that I don't waste your time.


What is Emotional Branding? (40 min. replayable class)

Written vs. Visual Emotional Branding (40 min. r.c)

Case Studies (40 min. r.c)

Implementation Examples (40 min. r.c)

Homework (40 min. r.c)

+ For ​FREE: The Instagram Growth Bible (€60 value)

Why It's Important to Play the Social Media Game 

Benefits of Growing Your Instagram 

Influencer Income 

Growth Strategies

Brand Essence: Elements

Hashtag Tools

My Failures & Lessons Learned

Apps Suggestions

How to Level Up Your Graphics Game

Instagram Do's & Don'ts

The Truth About Supercharging

Instagram & FB Advertising

... and + the FREE early bird Xmas Social Media List (€10 value)

Good vs. Bad websites,apps & tools to use


Original value: ​€60

just evmo megan smile.jpg

Here I am smiling in 2019 because this was the very first t-shirt  I ever deisnged & wore. You can do whatever you dream. Your mind is your own limit.

Ig growth bible cover full final.png

Strategies, content & graphics of

The Instagram Growth Bible are 100% authentic

& authored by Megan Sanchez. 

Postmodern & holistic marketing (my methodologies of expertise) focus on teaching you subjects both separately and part of a bigger whole at the same time...


At the end of the day, it is not enough to learn emotional branding by itself if you don't understand the surrounding context

or as I like to call it:



Why all this bundle for a mere ​€49.99? 

Instead of paying €60 for the Instagram Growth Bible

 + €10 for the Xmas Social Media list 

and + another €49.99 for the emotional branding

replayable class


(€119.99) total original value,


I'm offering you

first launch dibs to ROCK social media,

BOOST your brand, and SKYROCKET your business

for just the price of €49.99.

You get 3 in 1, folks.

So now it is up to you, but know that this offer

is available only for my first 10 customers 

and it will expire in

 10 DAYS.

Yes! I want this - 60% offer now!

Yes! I want this course - 60% off!

Time Left Before Offer Expires:

Quick Facts about Megan:

  • BA International Relations & Global Politics (Summa cum laude Honors) 

  • MSc in Marketing (Honors)

  • ACS President's Award of Academic Excellence bestowed by Barack Obama through the American Community Schools of Athens, Greece.

  • E-Com Expert of EVMO Shop

  • Fashion Designer of EVMO Fashion

  • Lead Journalist of EVMO News

  • Author of 43+ publications

  • Polyglot, speaks 5 languages 

  • Raised internationally

  • Dedicates her career & free time to unite humanity 

  • Promotes ECO life & animal rights

  • Created a home for the culturally diverse: including TCKs, CCKs, and bi-racial & multiethnic people. 


I am both a citizen of Europe and of the United States of America. I am proud of my mixed cultures. I was on a uni trip to the EU headquarters in Geneva here.

It just hits different when other people talk about your competence or professionalism, instead of you being the one to do it. I'll let these amazing people I've collaborated with leave you some feedback about me. I'm so grateful to them and look forward to working together again.

Why You Should Let Megan Mentor You



Source: LinkedIn. See all here.


Source: LinkedIn. See post here.



Source: Instagram Stories. See them here.



EVMO News Before

Screenshot_20201120-144123 (1).png

- No EVMO Shop Yet

- Basic  use of hashtags

- Stasis,  little growth

- 10 subscribers

EVMO News After

evmo news IG feed.png

+ 50% more purchases


+ 501 new site subscribers



EVMO-shoes-with_box upper model 1.jpg

- Non branded wear

- Branded wear

- 100% satisfied customers

- 100% satisfied customers

- 0% returning customers

- 100% returning customers

- +45% more reviews

Tap Into Emotional Branding

Offer Will Expire in:

Tap Into Emotional Branding

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Biz Mentor ⚫  E-Commerce Expert  ⚫  Social Media Strategist  ⚫  CEO of EVMO News & EVMO Fashion  ⚫  Designer of EVMO Fashion 

Disclaimer: Business results are individual and are not guaranteed to be the same for all. Results depend on personal effort to implement given strategies, in addition to many other factors, including the present size and scale of your business. The Mega Wins With Megan master classes & programs take no responsibility for individual business performance or changes in the economic environment and, therefore, do NOT offer refunds on MWWM materials. If you are looking for someone to build your business without putting in any effort, the Mega Wins With Megan programs will not work for you. Some testimonial faces or names have been censored in order to preserve privacy. NOT FACEBOOK, NOT INSTAGRAM: This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook nor Instagram in any way. Facebook is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc. Additionally, Mega Wins With Megan is NOT EVMO News nor EVMO Fashion, nor is it endorsed by them. Mega Wins With Megan Master Classes and programs are only hosted on the domain.

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